Is It Any Difference Between Married Dating and Cuckold Dating?

Mar 4, 2021 Uncategorized

Is It Any Difference Between Married Dating and Cuckold Dating?

There are many references to cuckold dating and married dating on the other internet. Though some people usually interchange these terms, they are divergent in the dating world. Hundreds of websites aim to explain their differences though they’re not very clear. So, what is hotwife and cuckold dating?

What is Married Dating or Hotwifing?

According to the urban dictionary, hotwifing is the act of a lady looking for a sexual relationship with her partner’s full consent and agreement. This helps them to explore some of their sexual fantasies. In the 1950s, it was commonly known as wife swapping or the swinging venture.

The wife is usually called the “slutwife” or “hotwife” as she looks for sexual fantasies from someone else. In this sexual relationship, the lady’s pleasure is the priority, and she is the dominant partner.

What is Cuckold Dating?

Cuckold dating on refers to the type of relationship where the husband gets excited by knowing that his wife is having sex with other people. In this relationship, the husband is submissive while the wife is dominant, and he is usually degraded or humiliated by his wife.

Usually, the husband is unable to satisfy the sexual needs of his woman and is often considered inferior. Therefore, their wives look for other men who are full of vitality and strength to satisfy them. The cuckold can have a small penis or is suffering from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

Bottom line: Differences between Cuckolding and Married Dating

Both hotwifing and cuckolding are fetishes in the non-monogamy community. Though they appear the same, they are very different. In the case of hotwifing, the husband loves watching his wife have sex with another man. But in the case of cuckolding, the husband is submissive as he is inadequate and has to be humiliated.

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