Book Summary: Secrets of Word Of Mouth Marketing

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Book Summary: Secrets of Word Of Mouth Marketing

Spread the word about your hot new product or company!

Word-of-mouth marketing is among the most powerful and persuasive
weapon you may use, and it won’t cost you anything! Depending on
George Silverman’s years of consulting with profitable
word-of-mouth campaigns of his own clients, here is one of
the first resources approach harness the often
underestimated strength of word-of-mouth, and be heard above
the media noise.

1 . Word-of-mouth is actually the center of the marketing

2 . Just as it is untrue the sun revolves around the
earth, advertising does not really revolve around advertising, selling, and promotions. Much of marketing and advertising actually centers around illusion-creation.

several. Word-of-mouth offers an authenticity to it since the
source is normally independent of the company, he or she is offering his or her own candid opinion and therefore, the marketing appears credible.

4. Advertising is the renting of the medium to send out a
properly crafted message to a specific target audience. Everything is paid for, whereas word-of-mouth is a more effective tool; and on top of that, it is absolutely free.

5. Word-of-mouth may take on a life of its own. There are no
limits to how far-reaching it can be. Just study how quick a good joke on the e-mail circulates.

6. Studies have shown that a happy customer will tell
an average of 3 people about a product or service she
loves, and eleven people about a service or product with which she had a negative experience.

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Because this is the age of the Internet, e-mail, websites,
chat rooms, and movie teleconferencing, word-of-mouth is even more crucial to businesses today than ever before.

8. The most important way by which sales can raise is by increasing the speed which decisions are made. Decision speed may be the time it takes for your customer to visit from initial awareness to passionate use and recommendation of your service or product. Simplicity, ease, and fun control the decision process.

9. Marketing success is determined more by the time it takes for the customer to decide on your product compared to by any other single factor. Choice speed is more powerful than placing, image, value, customer satisfaction, guarantees, or perhaps product superiority.

10. Shortening the customer’s decision cycle means your own product’s benefits, claims, and claims must be obvious and compelling; info must be clear, balanced, and credible; comparisons must reveal meaningful distinctions, your trials should be free and straightforward, your evaluations, clear and easy. Guarantees should be ironclad and good. Testimonials and other word-of-mouth marketing should be relevant and believable. Delivery, training, and support offered must be superior.

11. A good way to spread the word on the company is to circulate true, good stories about it. FedEx is famous for its legendary employee who hired a chopper just to deliver a package forgotten on the tarmac. People love a good story, and that is the essence of person to person.

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