Drug Detox, Rehab and Education Would be the Answers To Prescription Drug Pandemic

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Drug Detox, Rehab and Education Would be the Answers To Prescription Drug Pandemic

With all the current news about the dangers of prescription drugs – especially opioid painkillers such as OxyContin, methadone and morphine : you would think people would be making use of less of them. However , judging by the particular statistics, including the number of people going to drug detox and rehab centers to prevent taking these drugs, it would appear that individuals are taking even more than ever. Do people really realize what these drugs can do?

According to a February, 2007 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Survey, the weekly digest published by the Centers for Disease Control plus Prevention (CDC), unintentional poisoning fatalities in the U. S. rose sixty two. 5 percent from 1999-2004. According to CDC studies, this increase has been taking place since the 1990’s and overdoses of prescription drugs, especially prescription painkillers, are usually primarily responsible for the increase. In fact , according to the CDC, opioid prescription pain relievers cause more drug overdose fatalities than cocaine and heroin combined.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) also said that admissions to drug detox, drug rehab and other therapy for this type of prescription painkiller increased from 46, 972 in 2002 to 63, 243 in 2005.

These vast increases – a 62. 5 percent increase in deaths plus a jump of about one-third for those going into drug detox, drug rehab along with other treatment – indicate that much more people are taking dangerous prescription pain relievers and other drugs than ever despite the fact that a few of this information is all over the news.

2. Purdue Pharma paid a fine associated with $634. 5 million for deceptive doctors and the public about the dangers of OxyContin.

* Xyprexa can be killing 15, 000 people annually in nursing homes – and Lord knows how many more are being provided the drug at home.

* The entire concept of methadone treatment is in question because it has proven to be ineffective at getting people off other drugs and is involved in twice the number of deaths caused by heroin.

* Young adults are receiving ‘pharma parties’ – mixing any number of prescription drugs they’ve gotten from close friends, or from parents’ medicine cabinets.

* The DEA says that will kids given Ritalin and other stimulating drugs are more likely to abuse cocaine in later life than others.

* There is certainly tons of evidence of suicidal and homicidal tendencies caused by mind-altering psychiatric drugs – and some of those ‘tendencies’ really result in the deaths of possibly those who are taking the drugs or individuals they’ve killed.

The list goes on and on.

Regardless of this, we keep taking the drugs.
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Huge Pharma continues to advertise, we continue to be duped into thinking that drugs would be the answer to all our problems, and continue to ask our doctors for that advertised drugs – apparently completely unaware that we might need drug detox and, possibly, drug rehab to obtain off them, or that they can destroy us, or that they can lead to more drug use, or potentially wreck the life of anyone who takes them.

Before you take a dangerous prescription drug, research the risks. Drug packaging offers information on side effects and the circumstances under which the drug can be dangerous. The info is also widely available on the Internet. Read this information, and take it seriously: Don’t imagine you or someone in your family will not be one of the people who suffer those side effects.

And if you or someone you care about is already taking a prescription drug that could be dangerous, consider getting all of them through a good medical drug detox program so they are no longer at risk.

The particular prescription drug epidemic is not going to end unless people truly understand the dangers, avoid taking them if at all possible, and obtain those who are already taking them right into a drug detox program. The frontline of the war on prescription drugs are at the doorstep of your own home — fight the battle, and you will earn the war, and save lifestyles.

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