What to Appear for in a New Scuba Mask

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What to Appear for in a New Scuba Mask

When Scuba Diving, the scuba mask is your window into the underwater globe. Select the incorrect mask to buy and alternatively of a massive, distinct, lovely perspective of the ocean setting you may close up with an obscured, cloudy, leaky annoying source of irritation.

If you are major about Scuba Diving right here are 5 things you require to consider when analyzing scuba masks: Design and style, Components, Colour, Quantity and In shape.

scuba mask Design

scuba masks have a couple various design components to look at. The very first and most apparent design and style component is the range of “windows” or lenses which make up the viewing area of the scuba diving mask.

Solitary Window Masks have one large viewing place on the entrance of the scuba mask.

Two Window Masks have two individual lenses, a single in front of each individual eye.

A few Window Masks will be related to the One Window Masks, possessing just one huge lens in front of both of those your eyes, with the addition of two compact windows on the sides of the mask for peripheral vision.

Whilst at initially it may well seem that more home windows is constantly superior, that is not often the situation. Visibility when Scuba Diving is confined in even the greatest Dive Spots. Even on individuals great times when you can see one hundred-150ft you can probably be expending most of your time viewing factors up near and proper in front of you. Aspect Windows on a scuba mask let gentle to appear in from the sides which can be a distraction, primarily in shallower dives on sunny days.
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scuba masks with Side Windows will frequently have more substantial interior volume owing to the actuality that the place demanded for the aspect home windows indicates that the entrance windows(s) will most possible be positioned even further from your facial area.

I usually desire a Single Window scuba mask as they tend to give the very best straight ahead perspective, nonetheless there is a situation when a Two Window scuba mask would be the ideal option, if you intend on replacing the lenses with corrective lenses. While it would be feasible to have a tailor made lens created for a Single Window Mask, quite a few Two Window scuba masks have corrective lenses pre-manufactured for many prescriptions.

scuba mask Products

The Materials made use of for developing a scuba mask ought to be a element in your acquiring choice. Most modern day masks are designed with silicone skirts, having said that some are made applying normal rubber. If you occur to have an allergy or some other aversion to both of these components then you want to be sure of what you are receiving, especially when ordering on-line.

The lens materials is the other thought, it will very likely be either tempered glass or plastic. Glass will be a bit heavier, but I extremely endorse it in excess of plastic for its increased optical clarity and resistance to scratching. Plastic lenses will most likely be much less pricey, but they can turn out to be boring from tiny scratches and can yellow somewhat promptly, each of which would detract from the satisfaction of your dive. So, in short, go for glass, but make sure it is tempered glass because tempered glass is Substantially safer in the function of glass breakage.

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